Your veteri­nar­ian will deter­mine which vacci­na­tions are appro­pri­ate for your dog or cat, based on indi­vid­ual factors, such as lifestyle and health status. Veteri­nar­i­ans commonly recom­mend that dogs be vacci­nated against rabies, distem­per, and parvovirus and that cats be vacci­nated against rabies and panleukope­nia (feline distem­per). Addi­tional vaccines, such as feline leukemia virus (FeLV), feline immun­od­e­fi­ciency virus (FIV), and Borde­tella (kennel cough), are recom­mended based on your cat or dog’s risk.

Many of these diseases can be fatal to your pet. Prevent­ing them is far easier and less expen­sive than treat­ment. If you would like more infor­ma­tion on vaccines, ask your veterinarian.

YES! Although we did have a short period during the pandemic where we were unable to see new patients due to a combi­na­tion of short-staffing and over­whelm­ing demand, we are happy to report that we have enhanced our team, and we are now ready, willing & able to see new patients. For more infor­ma­tion, or to book an appoint­ment, please contact us at 905 – 892-2035 or via email at info@​pelhamah.​ca.

Getting into veteri­nary school is extremely compet­i­tive, because veteri­nary programs have a limited number of posi­tions to fill, not all students who apply get in. Those who hope to become a veteri­nar­ian must have high grades in their pre-veteri­nary studies. In addi­tion, any real-world expe­ri­ence or addi­tional years of univer­sity may be beneficial.

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